Network assessments are a unique and effective offering under the “network security” umbrella. A network assessment tool doesn’t simply monitor a network like RMM software does. It provides ongoing network “snapshots,” which help identify patterns and behaviors that can predict a breach. It’s a more proactive and holistic way to support network security programs.

All networks—and businesses—are constantly at risk. The market is rife with viruses, spyware, malware, and worms that can inflict irreparable harm through downtime, loss of data, and security compromises. Even the most robust of anti-virus and malware protection doesn’t perform perfectly 100% of the time.

Network assessments can serve as regular “Security Health Checks”, helping protect assets, guard against downtime—and basically, allow everyone to sleep better at night. However, regular is the keyword here. A single assessment is only the first step of what should be an ongoing process, one that recognizes network changes and behavioral models over time.

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