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EXODUS is an award winning provider of IT services to Small and Medium Sized Organizations. Focusing on delivering secure, reliable services of long-term value that enable organizations to concentrate on their core business objectives.

EXODUS acts as  an extension  of your existing organization, seamlessly blending into your processes while bringing tangible cost savings in IT.



Season Greetings

December 25th, 2018|

Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and homes. In this loveliest of seasons may you find many reasons for happiness.

EXODUS working with Helios Towers

October 27th, 2018|

EXODUS is contracted to provide local support to Helios Towers Tanzania. The largest telecom tower operator in Africa.

EXODUS working with NACOPHA

September 20th, 2018|

EXODUS is working with Maraxis and the National Council for People living with HIV –(NACOPHA), to provide IT support to 46 clusters in 46 districts [...]

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February 27th, 2019|

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Take notes the modern way with OneNote

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3 simple and easy cyber-security tips!

February 13th, 2019|

Data security and privacy should be a top priority in this age of constant and downright dangerous cyber attacks. However, in your quest for ultimate [...]

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